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I’m Fabio, developer, student and ski lover.

I’m a computer engineering graduate currently working as a frontend web developer in Bergamo, Italy. I can help you with building all-things web - especially web apps - and software.
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SAP Labs France
Security Research Intern
Nov. 2020
I'm starting a five-months-long internship in the Security Research team in Mougins, France. I will be working on the public repository "credential-digger", a tool to prevent and identify data leaks in code repositories such as passwords and API keys.
Bergamo University
Computer Engineering Master’s degree
Sept. 2019
I'm currently attending the last year of my Master's degree in Computer Engineering, where I completed the following core courses: Software design, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Model Identification and Data Analysis, Information and Transmission Theory, Optimization Models and Algorithms, Business Administration.
Frontend web developer
Oct. 2020
June 2016
I worked at Yourbiz as a part-time developer for 4 years, where I've built the frontend of the company websites, with special attention to responsiveness, SEO and performance optimization. I also had experience in the realization of pure HTML/JS web apps, as well as apps based on frameworks such as Angular, AngularJS and React.
Bergamo University
Computer Engineering Bachelor’s degree
Sept. 2019
Sept. 2016
After high school I achieved my bacherlor's degree in Computer Science Engineering, where I completed the following core courses: Information Technology 2, Databases 2, Industrial Automation, Software Engineering, Statistics 2, Management Control Systems.
R&D dpt. school internship
June 2015
June 2015
During the school internship at Sorint I studied the OrientDB graph database, and I built a Java web app for internal use with the Spring framework and Hibernate. I also attended the following corporate training courses: VMware, OrientDB, MySQL, Java, Spring Framework 4.0, Hibernate, Spring Security.
IIS G. Marconi
IT high school diploma
June 2016
Sept. 2011
Core courses: C#, MVC, web API, Database, Client-Server architecture, HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery.
Activities: CCNA1 course, "Impresa in Azione" project.
Thesis: assigning internships to students based on skills levels.

They allowed me to learn some powerful skills.

Frontend Web Development

5 years work experience in the field, building websites, javascript plugins and web apps.

Main technologies: HTML5 & CSS3, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Grunt, Figma, Photoshop, SEO, Responsiveness.

Worked with: React, Angular, Typescript.

Software Development

I have been coding since high school for personal, work and academic production-ready projects.

Main technologies: Python, NodeJS, C#, Java, Open Source.

Worked with: Firebase, Scala, MATLAB, C++, Ruby (on Rails), SQL.


2 years experience in CI/CD for testing, linting and deploying work and personal projects.

Main technologies: git, Github, Github Actions, Vim, git-crypt.

Worked with: Travis CI, Gitlab CI, Docker.

Soft Skills

I love being organized, and time mangement is a must if working while studying for university.

Organization (Notion freak), flexibility, time management, teamwork.

I love participating in coding competitions.

Winning team for the “Download Innovation” hackathon
Won the 2500€ prize for the "best realization" award with the team SSH-IMPATICI, where we realized the mobile app "Beelder" in the 48-hour-long hackathon organized by Sorint.LAB. The repository can be found here and the certificate can be found here.
127th place worldwide at Reply Code Challenge
Completed the 4-hour-long coding challenge with the team Replallari, totalizing 16.769.647 points and ending 127th place worldwide. The solution was developed in Scala. Here you can find the certificate of attendance and the solution repository.
163th place in Italy at Google Hash code
Completed the 4-hour-long Google Hash code online qualification round with the team hashipicchia, totalizing 22.470.857 points and finishing 163th place in Italy. The solution repository can be found here.
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