Made of coding, coffee, ski(1) and tv shows.(2)
(1) Resulted in 1 broken finger and 1 fractured & dislocated shoulder *so far*
(2) Seriously, more than 7,000 episodes registered on TVtime
Being born in Bergamo, italian is my mother tongue. I also know English fairly well though, so sometimes I help out translating the web, with tools such as Wikipedia and Google Translate Community.
I love working out at the gym in the morning, before heading to work and university. I love organization. I love coffee. I love matte black.
I occasionally contribute to open source projects on Github, but mainly I spend my time searching for answers on stackoverflow. I also have some personal projects that I never have time to pursue, here are some of them.
A reddit bot for Telegram written in python. When the user sends a message containing the name of a subreddit (e.g. “r/funny”), the bot will send a random post from that subreddit. When a link from reddit is shared in the chat, the bot will retrieve the post and send it as a message.
A reminder bot for Telegram.
You can reply to a Telegram message with “!remindme 2h 5m” and the bot will remind you that message (with a link to it) in two hours and five minutes. As you might have guessed, I really like reddit and Telegram :)
I often find myself making some changes in the Chrome Dev Tools while developing, and sometimes I would accidentally click a link, losing them. This is a really simple Chrome extension which you can use to quickly disable all the links in a web page.
A new found love.
I recently inherited my father’s DSLR and I have been treasuring it ever since. I’m certainly not the best photographer out there, but I love discovering all the facets this new world has to offer.
Story time.
When I was a child, I saw a playworker drawing on a small piece of paper: a beautiful forest drawn with a black ballpoint. I was astonished, so I asked if I could have it. When I got home I threw away hundreds sheets of paper trying to reproduce it, adding my own flavor to it. That’s how I started drawing. I now rarely do it anymore, but I cherish that small piece of paper to this day.
Two hands joined together.
- 01 03
A rose growing from a dead skull.
- 02 03
Half skin half skull.
- 03 03
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